Toronto International Film Festival 2003

With the advent of the 2003 festival, it appeared as if things had finally returned to normal after two years of chaos. The tragedy of September 11, 2001, did more than cause the cancellation of a day’s screenings: it threw the festival into an emotional turmoil, as people cared more about loved ones and trying to get home than in trying to see the latest film. 2002 drifted somewhat uneasily through its paces as the "anniversary" year, marking the horrors of before. This year, however, there was a considerable relaxing of tensions among all participants, as the race to see every film possible returned to its usual fever pitch.

And, as usual, the films ran the gamut, from the sublime, zen-like poignancy of Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation to the utter banality of the Japanese horror film The Grudge, which tried to be The Ring, but ended up succumbing to the dubious level of being both unintentionally funny and tedious, all at once.

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